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Brewdog's Equity for Punks Campaign Raises £10.3m 
Brewdog, one of the best known independent craft brewery, has this week announced details of a successful campaign. Closing its fifth crowdfunding campaign, the latest was a great success, seeing investors pledge more than £10.3m.  Upping their target to reach a substantial £50m, the craft beer creators now welcome 24,000 investors on board, smashing their target of trading £10m in 90 days. With this latest investment, Brewdog can now start to action their plans of global expansion. According to recent reports, the company are eager to enter the Asian and Australian markets,..
Has the plastic straw become obsolete?
Favoured by children and partygoers, the humble straw has apparently come to an end; heading into extinction. Centred around becoming a more eco-friendly world, many countries have launched no straw campaigns. London is however the latest, with the Evening Standard launching a campaign to 'eradicate' plastic straws from bars across the country. From Wetherspoons to independent bars; it seems we are all rooting for a no-straw Britain!   Whilst many of the straw we use are recycled; the majority end up on landfills, in rivers and in the sea. As a huge threat to marine life, straws a..
£13 wine to be served at Harry and Meghan's wedding
When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement was announced last month, the world went into a bit of a frenzy. From outlandish predictions over her dress to people literally crying in the street; the country is set for another all-singing, all-dancing royal wedding. However, it does appear that Harry and Meghan are looking to be a little humbler than Kate and Will.  According to many, the latest royal couple will be serving £13 wine at the celebration. Where we would have expected something a little pricier, it seems Harry and Meghan are insistent in keeping us on our toes. &nb..
The drinks of the future
Whilst inventive cocktails and strong spirits dominated the drinks menus of 2017, we thought we would take a look into what the future holds. With various articles and blogs stating great things for 2018, we at Drinks Shop have our own predictions.      Sherry boom - Mostly enjoyed by Dot Cotton of EastEnders, Sherry is a drink that can often get overlooked by modern drinkers. Usually reserved as a Christmas tipple, Sherry is however set to play a prominent role in 2018. This is arguably thanks to a rise in upper class Spanish restaurants, seeing Millennials enj..
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Celebrity drinks brands: best and worst
Over the years we have seen hundreds of drinks brands come and go, with various Z and A-listers trying their hand at the forever-in-revision drinks business. Eager to promote wonderful drinks and warn our customers of liquor flops, below we have listed our top celebrity drinks brands.    Champagne Armand de Brignac - Owned by rap sensation, Jay-Z, Champagne Armand de Brignac boasts a premium appeal. Whilst Jay-Z has not chosen to position himself at the forefront of the brand, the drink has gone one to become a successful business, stocked in most high-end US venues.&nb..
How to make healthier drinks options this January
The gyms are packed, the supermarket is all out of kale and hipster vegetables; it must mean one thing; the January health buzz has begun! Following the boozy rush of Christmas, many choose to take a step back from full indulgence mode in January, steering away from rich food and creamy cocktails (unfortunately).     If you are looking to make some healthy drink swaps this January, make use of our below tips.    Explore the mocktail    Whilst a bit of a joke amongst the hard-drinking community, mocktails are actually increasing..
Christmas drink leftovers: What to do with the dregs  
In the run-up to Christmas, we tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to filling up the drinks cabinet, buying pretty much everything the shop has to offer to accommodate the guests of festive period. However, by doing so, we have a lot of drips and drabs left in January, not knowing what to do with the alcohol leftovers.   Here at DrinksShop, we have put together a few leftover suggestions; we hope they help!  Brandy  With a douse over the Christmas pudding and a splash over a few cubes of ice on Christmas Eve, a great deal of the Brandy bottle can..
2018: The year of canned wine?
As you know, here at DrinksShop, our mission is to share great tasting drinks at premium prices, ensuring none of our customers have to compromise when stocking up their Christmas cabinet. With January now just around the corner, many drinks companies are launching new products for the new year, with 2018's drinking trends already being formed.     At DrinksShop, we are seeing more and more companies launching canned wine products, ridding of the stereotypes often associated with wine-drinkers. With no need for a corkscrew, or even a glass for that matter; why is thi..
Order your last-minute Christmas drinks  
With everyone now shutting down for Christmas, the last-minute shopper can be left in a bit of a pickle; and not the good pickle that you can have with cheese and a nice glass of red! Here at DrinksShop.Co.Uk, we are here to help those frantic busy bees; offering last-minute drinks orders in the run-up to Christmas. Delivering products to customers across the country, think of us as some sort of Santa Clause; one that can secure you merriness this Christmas with the best alcohols on the market!  Popular Christmas Drinks  December is renowned for seeing alcohol intak..
Carlsberg launches charity Christmas beer 
Food and drink brands are renowned for getting their creative Santa hats on as December approaches. This week, we at DrinksShop.co.uk were thrilled to hear that Denmark beer brand, Carlsberg, has jumped on the Merry bandwagon, launching its own Christmas beer.   As their first limited edition festive brew, many were surprised by this creation. However, it turns out that there is an ulterior motive behind the beer; with all proceeds from its sales going to the Northamptonshire Community Foundation.    According to the beer-makers, the new recipe will be available at 2..
Christmas Day drinks: What to partner with your roast 
From sharing a bottle of red with a friend to toasting in the New Year with a glass of fizz; December is centred on delicious drinks. Here at DrinksShop.co.uk, we are constantly being asked for recommendations for those looking to partner their food with the best beverages.  This week, we thought we would put some thought into the humble Christmas Day roast; reviewing some options for our customers to take inspiration from. Starters  For many, the Christmas Day starter either comprises of prawn cocktail or pate; both dishes that we would partner with a white wine. For rich s..
You can now drink vodka 'made from clouds' 
As modern drinkers, we are always looking for something new; striving for innovation. Excited to see the unusual world of alcohol develop, we at DrinksShop were intrigued to see a new vodka hit the market; one made from clouds. Yes, you heard correctly; clouds!  Launched by South Carolina-based Hilton Head Distillery, this Vodka is something of true speciality, made from water sourced directly from the sky.  So, how does the process work? Aermoor Vodka is handcrafted by the distillery from fresh molasses. Then it is distilled 49 times before being proofed down with the ..
Fine champagne or cheap plonk; can you hear the difference?   
With Christmas seeing the fizz in full flow, many of us will be asking ourselves what on earth we are drinking. Whilst the connoisseurs amongst us will be able to separate the plonk from the posh stuff, a new research project has revealed that understanding fizz is a lot simpler than we may have thought. Apparently, the sound and size of the bubbles will give you all you need to know about your drink, with the bigger the bubble, the lower the quality of the liquid.   Using underwater microphones, a team of researchers listened to the sound of the bubbles of a variety of wine..
Seasonal sips: Top drinks to order in time for Christmas  
Now December has landed, it is time to start thinking about that all-important drinks cabinet; an area of the house that is constantly in use throughout Christmas and New Year. From the odd sherry for your Nan to the cold, hard spirits for your Uncle that always gets carried away at the end of the night; variety is certainly a necessity when devising your festive drinks menu. Having been helping customers stock up their homes and establishments for many years, we have below detailed the most popular Christmas drinks that could be yours in time for the festivities.  Fizz - Whether..
Magnum wine bottles, 2017's biggest Christmas drinking trend 
As Brits, we are used to ordering a standard bottle of wine, either treating ourselves to a bottle over the weekend or sharing with a friend or partner. However, at larger events, it can be hard to all enjoy the same wine experience, with a standard wine bottle only filling 2-3 large glasses.   Majestic Wines, one of the largest wine sellers in the country, has tipped magnums as a trend for growth, eager to see more affordable magnum options hit the market. Influenced by Christmas get-togethers, NYE parties and other large gatherings, sales for the larger-sizes wine bottle a..