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Is gin the answer to your Hay Fever struggles this summer?
Summertime is arguably the best time of year, being all about fun, sunshine and of course; refreshing alcoholic beverages.   However, summer often comes with a rather large pitfall; Hay Fever!    Well, according to a new study, a cold gin and tonic could be all you need to combat Hay Fever this year. Who'd of thought it?   As music to gin-lovers' ears, this study has been conducted by Asthma UK. With one in five people suffering from itchy eyes and runny noses during the summer, the study wanted to uncover ways in which people could combat Hay Fever s..
Drinks bottle deposit scheme proposed for England
Over the past few years, we at DrinksShop.co.uk have seen a great deal of effort being made to reduce waste, especially with regards to plastic and glass. With the drinks industry renowned for its constant use of said materials, a new scheme has been proposed by government. Suggesting that the people of England pay a deposit when buying drinks in bottles and cans, the scheme's aim is to reduce waste by encouraging more and more people to recycle. Although paying a deposit for a bottle of wine or can of Cola will increase the price of the drink, consumers will get their money back once they r..
5 drinks to make for an Egg-cellent Easter
Here at Drinks Shop, we are passionate about sharing great drinks with our growing number of customers, much in demand as holidays such as Easter approaches. Now just over a week away, we're running a series of drinks offers and promotions, sharing our wonderful products with those throwing parties across the country.      If you are in the process of throwing the celebration of all celebrations, then why not carry the Easter theme through to your drinks? Allowing for a unique drinking experience, below we share with you a few Easter drinks ideas that will mak..
You can now personalise your beer foam
In recent years, the drinks market has become borderline obsesses with the 'personal touch'; with brands as well as bars wanting to give their customers a unique drinking experience with every sip. From engraved glassware to bespoke cocktails, the conventional, old-fashioned pint just won't do. Eager to blend our love of traditional drinking with the personal touch is a new American firm; one that is now offering people to chance to personalise your beer foam.     As a device that the company expect to be adopted across the world, such trends have proven to work for ..
Beer yoga is now a thing! 
In life, we are often torn between being a healthy person that works out and having a beer or two to let loose after a long day at work. Well, no longer do we have to compromise, with Beer Yoga now a thing! Allowing you to sip ale whilst in the Downward Dog, the classes are now available in London; the brainchild of Guzel Mursalimova, 28. Whilst being condemned by yoga purists, this did not stop the young entrepreneur from taking her unorthodox yoga teaching method forward.   “Some people do think mixing the two is unacceptable and I respect their opinion but what I wanted t..
Backstreet Boys are back...with a new drink!
If you are a 90s kid, you will be well aware of the Backstreet Boys; a boy band that put the cheese in cheesy pop music! Having given us some classics such as 'I Want it that Way', 'As Long as you Love me' and 'Larger Than Life', the five men have now turned their attention to the drinks market. According to various rumours, the 5 men are looking to launch a Tequila brand. This follows a two-day concert in Cancun where they were reportedly on the search for a Mexican producer to take their plans forward. Arguably showing some truth in the rumours, Kevin Richardson, one fifth of the boyband, ..
Tequila connected to various health benefits ​
As one of the most consumed spirits in the UK, Tequila is enjoyed at various types of celebrations and events. From the odd shot at the end of the night to the base of a Tequila Sunrise at a family BBQ, the drink is certainly versatile. Rising in popularity over the last few years, many believe that Tequila can actually help with health issues. Eager to find out more, we at DrinksShop dug a little deeper.  Tequila and weight loss  Filled with agave, Tequila has long been connected to weight loss. Agave is a cactus varietal that many are claiming to help aid the shedding of poun..
Jerry Perenchio alcohol cellar up for auction
This week, it has been announced that the wine cellar of the late Jerry Perenchio is to go up for auction. As one of America's leading actors and commendable philanthropists, it's safe to say that the late billionaire was worth a bob or two; and, so was his wine cellar.   From Bordeaux to Burgundy; the cellar is said to be plentiful. Full of many different types of vintage wines, the contents of the cellar is said to be one of the most superb collections to ever be up for auction. Auctioned by Sotheby’s, the produce is on schedule to be auctioned this spring, sold in two halves; o..
3 drink myths debunked
From the dramatic production of wine-tasting to our need to partner white wine with fish and red with red meat. There are many booze-related behaviours that we simply take as unwritten rules. Today, we at DrinksShop debunk some of those drink myths.  Red wine and cheese make the perfect couple  For years we have been probed to pair red wine with cheese, regarded as the supercouple of the dinner party. However, many foodies argue that coupling red wine and cheese isn’t always the best idea. Encouraging us to enjoy a white wine with our cheese boards, some argue that the acidity ..
FA appoint Budweiser as new beer partner
Football and beer have for years made the perfect couple, being key features in many of our weekend celebrations. Seeing various football and drinks businesses work in coalition, high-profile football and beer sponsorships are now the norm. One of the most prolific is arguably the FA (Football Association) and Carlsberg, having being professionally aligned for over 22 years. However, it appears there is a new beer on the block.  Just this week, the FA announced that they had appointed Budweiser as their new beer partners, being a new era for the sponsorship at the organisation. Accordi..
BrewDog launches first beer hotel
When exploring sites such as Booking.com and Kayak, we apply just a few filters; free Wi-Fi, bar, spa. Wanting to connect, relax and enjoy a tipple or two, it seems BrewDog has got us cussed. Understanding what we want and need, they have announced details of an innovative new venture; the world's first beer hotel!     While some people have branded the idea as 'tacky', with beer taps featured in each room; what is there not to like?    Situated in Aberdeen, this is an idea that the popular craft-beer brand has been working on for some time. Placed in c..
New app allows you to brew and sell virtual beer
Wales are continuing to make a name for themselves in the world of global drinks. This week, a Newport-based brewery launched an innovative app that allows users to brew and sell virtual beer. Eager to take a look at this innovative new app, we are overjoyed by what we saw.   Created by Welsh brewer, Tiny Rebel, the application is called Beer Money Inc. Through the app, users can get to grips with the challenges and rewards that being a brewer influences. From buying and selling breweries to hiring staff and selling beer; this app simply has it all!    ..
Sauvignon Blanc and Champagne Taittinger: What's on the BAFTAs drinks menu?
Here at DrinksShop.Co.Uk, we are pretty obsessed with the world of food and drink; always eager to uncover what celebrities consume at high-profile events. Though expecting million-dollar champagne served in a diamond-encrusted flutes; we are often pleasantly surprised by the humble nature of the rich and famous. This week, we were thrilled to come across the menu for the EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) 2018; a ceremony renowned for its lavish nature.   In 2018, the ceremony will be hosted by none other than the amazing Joanna Lumley. This follows a 13-year stint fro..
Rose Vodka arrives in time for Valentine's Day
The Rose wine market is flourishing of late; an industry that is growing year-on-year. From new brands launching innovative wine products to traditional businesses venturing into the Rose world; everyone is going pink! Today, it was revealed that another new drink has hit the market; a Rose Vodka! Dropping just in time for Valentine's Day; we at DrinksShop wanted to know more...   Referred to as 'millennial pink', the drink has come from vodka company; Hanger 1. Pale in colour but colourful in taste, the drink is very much geared at the younger end of the market.  Howeve..
Springs drink trends you need to get on board with
Whilst most drinks trends surround the summer and winter months, we are expected to see various new crazes unfold in spring this year. Offering drinks to ensure our customers can explore these popular trends, we are thrilled to see people get innovative with their tipples this season. Below are just a few trends to keep an eye out for.    Gin Cocktails   Though 2017 was arguably the year of gin, it seems 2018 is equally as passionate about the spirit. Already taking orders for spring, we are seeing many try their hand at gin cocktails. With gin being ..