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Order your last-minute Christmas drinks  
With everyone now shutting down for Christmas, the last-minute shopper can be left in a bit of a pickle; and not the good pickle that you can have with cheese and a nice glass of red! Here at DrinksShop.Co.Uk, we are here to help those frantic busy bees; offering last-minute drinks orders in the run-up to Christmas. Delivering products to customers across the country, think of us as some sort of Santa Clause; one that can secure you merriness this Christmas with the best alcohols on the market!  Popular Christmas Drinks  December is renowned for seeing alcohol intak..
Carlsberg launches charity Christmas beer 
Food and drink brands are renowned for getting their creative Santa hats on as December approaches. This week, we at DrinksShop.co.uk were thrilled to hear that Denmark beer brand, Carlsberg, has jumped on the Merry bandwagon, launching its own Christmas beer.   As their first limited edition festive brew, many were surprised by this creation. However, it turns out that there is an ulterior motive behind the beer; with all proceeds from its sales going to the Northamptonshire Community Foundation.    According to the beer-makers, the new recipe will be available at 2..
Christmas Day drinks: What to partner with your roast 
From sharing a bottle of red with a friend to toasting in the New Year with a glass of fizz; December is centred on delicious drinks. Here at DrinksShop.co.uk, we are constantly being asked for recommendations for those looking to partner their food with the best beverages.  This week, we thought we would put some thought into the humble Christmas Day roast; reviewing some options for our customers to take inspiration from. Starters  For many, the Christmas Day starter either comprises of prawn cocktail or pate; both dishes that we would partner with a white wine. For rich s..
Fine champagne or cheap plonk; can you hear the difference?   
With Christmas seeing the fizz in full flow, many of us will be asking ourselves what on earth we are drinking. Whilst the connoisseurs amongst us will be able to separate the plonk from the posh stuff, a new research project has revealed that understanding fizz is a lot simpler than we may have thought. Apparently, the sound and size of the bubbles will give you all you need to know about your drink, with the bigger the bubble, the lower the quality of the liquid.   Using underwater microphones, a team of researchers listened to the sound of the bubbles of a variety of wine..
You can now drink vodka 'made from clouds' 
As modern drinkers, we are always looking for something new; striving for innovation. Excited to see the unusual world of alcohol develop, we at DrinksShop were intrigued to see a new vodka hit the market; one made from clouds. Yes, you heard correctly; clouds!  Launched by South Carolina-based Hilton Head Distillery, this Vodka is something of true speciality, made from water sourced directly from the sky.  So, how does the process work? Aermoor Vodka is handcrafted by the distillery from fresh molasses. Then it is distilled 49 times before being proofed down with the ..
Seasonal sips: Top drinks to order in time for Christmas  
Now December has landed, it is time to start thinking about that all-important drinks cabinet; an area of the house that is constantly in use throughout Christmas and New Year. From the odd sherry for your Nan to the cold, hard spirits for your Uncle that always gets carried away at the end of the night; variety is certainly a necessity when devising your festive drinks menu. Having been helping customers stock up their homes and establishments for many years, we have below detailed the most popular Christmas drinks that could be yours in time for the festivities.  Fizz - Whether..
Magnum wine bottles, 2017's biggest Christmas drinking trend 
As Brits, we are used to ordering a standard bottle of wine, either treating ourselves to a bottle over the weekend or sharing with a friend or partner. However, at larger events, it can be hard to all enjoy the same wine experience, with a standard wine bottle only filling 2-3 large glasses.   Majestic Wines, one of the largest wine sellers in the country, has tipped magnums as a trend for growth, eager to see more affordable magnum options hit the market. Influenced by Christmas get-togethers, NYE parties and other large gatherings, sales for the larger-sizes wine bottle a..
How certain drinks make you feel: New study links drinks with emotions
Public Heath Wales has this week announced details of a large-scale research project, digging deeper into the way certain drinks make us feel and behave. While we are in national agreeance that Gin makes us emotional; this survey aims to add science into the cocktail mix, surveying in 11 languages, amongst drinkers in 21 countries.     Exploring the emotions people experienced when drinking at ages 18 to 34, the survey focused on the impacts of spirits, beer, red wine or white wine, gaining responses from 29,836 people. Feeling that the media reported the links bet..
Drinking Crazes: Curry and Cocktails Top the List
At DrinksShop.Co.Uk, it is our job to stay up-to-date with everything going on in the world of food and drink, excited to see and set the latest trends. Following a wonderful year of suppling drinks to individuals and business, our research has shown us many things; one being the rise in popularity of curry and cocktails.    As a marriage made in heaven, curry and cocktails have been a prominent feature on the 2017 social calendar, with many businesses using the fabulous combination to put on amazing events. This week, Urban Spirit, one of the UK's most well-established..
How to get creative with your Christmas drinks
Though Christmas is all about Baileys, Sherry and the odd Eggnog, there is certainly room for the injection of festive modernity on the drinks menu. Here at Drinks Shop, we are here to help, coming up with some creative ideas to breathe new life into your Christmas drinks.   Cocktails  Usually reserved for special events, a cocktail can be all you need to turn any event from okay to utterly fabulous. With such an array of alcohols, flavours and garnishes to choose from, you can even make your cocktail look Christmassy! From using white liquids to represent snow..
Chocolate and red wine ‘are the secret to beating wrinkles’
Researchers have claimed that the secret to staying youthful is eating chocolate and drinking red wine. Scientists have discovered that these delicious treats help to rejuvenate old cells, making them appear younger. When we age, the strands of DNA in our cells lose their protective telomeres. These act like the plastic tips we can find at the end of shoelaces. In order to come to this result, the team applied compounds based on chemicals which are naturally found in red wine, dark chocolate, red grapes and blueberries to cells in the lab. The above foods are rich in flavonoids, which ar..
 Scientists unveil the four types of drinker- which one are you?
Red wine with steak and white wine with sea food are just some traditional pairings for food and wine. Though these pairings often leave people confused- with many not even liking the wine that’s suggested. Researchers have revealed that these traditions should be scrapped in favour of the consumer, with people generally fitting into certain wine-drinking preferences/categories, or ‘vinotypes’. Here’s what scientists have unveiled as the four types of drinker. Sweet People in the sweet category tend to be very picky about their wines. They have a preference for sweet wines which are d..
Wine shortages could be hitting the UK- Boozy Brits are stocking up
A new study from the Organisation of Vine and Wine has revealed that Italy, France and Spain will be producing less wine next year- here’s all you need to know about the nations panic. Italy is expected to produce 23 per cent less wine next year, while France’s output is down by 19 per cent, and Spain’s 15 per cent lower. Meanwhile, global production is predicted to fall by approximately 246.7 hectolitres, which adds up to more than 133 bottles, and marks the lowest level in roughly 50 years. This news comes as a result of a gruelling combination of frosts and summer heatwaves across ..
A New Test to Make Sure Your Beer is Gluten Free
One thing that’s good is beer. One thing that isn’t good is celiac disease. However, for some people with the latter they generally can’t enjoy the former. Luckily for celiac sufferers, beers are now being marketed to them and those who try to avoid gluten. The bad news is that new research appears to show that one common method for getting gluten out of beer isn’t working, and the test used to find gluten in beer is broken too. Scientists in Australia are working on new tests to ensure these beers are safe for those with celiac disease. Some have been made from rice or sorghum, grains t..
Mila Kunis lets daughter Wyatt drink sip of wine for Shabbat
Making a blessing over wine is an integral element of virtually every Jewish life cycle ceremony. The alcohol beverage made from grapes is seen as a major symbol of joy, celebration and ultimately liberation. It seems that Mila Kunis takes the ritual so seriously that she allows her three-year-old daughter to get a piece of the tradition. Kunis, who is known for her roles in That 70s Show and Ted, reveals she bestows Wyatt Isabelle with a sip of wine on Shabbat and has done ever since she was born. Shabbat is the heart of Jewish life and is a day of rest and celebration which starts Frid..