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Sunwing flyer sues because he got the incorrect beverage
A Canadian man has filed a lawsuit against Sunwing Airlines for promising a champagne service but instead serving sparkling wine. Daniel Macduff booked a holiday through Sunwing which advertised a complimentary on-board toast with champagne. Though, Mr Macduff stated that instead he received a cheaper bubbly- and only on the outgoing flight. In its defence, the airline said it believes the lawsuit "to be frivolous and without merit". Though in response Mr Macduff’s lawyer has said that his actions are according to misleading marketing. The passenger didn’t receive what was promised an..
Supermarket set to launch prosecco-infused cocktail sausages
Aldi have announced that they’ll be launching prosecco-infused cocktail sausages this Christmas, and this sounds like two of our favourite things having merged into pure deliciousness. First there was an extensive range of gin, then chocolate wine, and now this! We are also lucky enough to be graced with the Christmas Yorkshire Burrito. The budget retailer has unveiled that they will be including prosecco-infused cocktail sausages to their Christmas range. Hmmm, we wonder what we’ll have for drink with that? The sausages will be made of outdoor bred British pork, and they’ll be inf..
4 Myths About Wine Debunked
For those of us who aren’t experts when it comes to wine tasting, attempting to navigate the wine jargon in the quest for a decent, good value tipple can be quite difficult. So, in aid of democratising getting tipsy on very expensive vino, we’ve debunked some of the biggest myths about wine. Legs= better quality Many people look at the slow dribble of wine sliding down the glass (legs) as a sign of higher quality wine. Though, in actual fact it’s just a higher concentration of alcohol resulting in the leftover wine sliding down the glass at a slower pace, nothing more. Screw caps mean..
Top reasons why Prosecco is actually good for you
Apart from filling our hearts with happiness, we weren’t aware that Prosecco was actually good for us. But it turns out, the tipple actually comes with a load of health benefits. We’ve listed a few of them below. It’s good for the heart According to research from the University of Reading, the drink’s bubbles contain polyphenols that can help lower blood pressure and increase circulation- giving your heart a little boost. Though, according to the scientist who conducted the research, one glass of week is enough to reap the benefits of this bubbly treat. That doesn’t mean that we should..
5 Things To Know About Cooking With Wine
Similarly to any other ingredient, you need to understand how wine works in a dish and the very best way to use it. Here’s 3 things to remember whilst cooking with wine. 1) The wine you use needs to be drinkable. By this we mean it must be fresh and clean, and obviously not corked. It shouldn’t taste like vinegar or be of an age that its lost its fruit. Wine that’s been left open for 4-5 days is probably ok to use whilst cooking, though wine that’s been sitting in your cupboard for 4-5 months generally isn’t great. 2) The wine you cook with doesn’t have to be the stuff you usually drink...
A scientist is creating hangover-free cocktails
You may be clearing your cupboards of Berocca, and bidding goodbye to your hangovers very soon! Well, that’s if Professor David Nutt has anything to do with it. The Imperial College neuropsychopharmacologist (yes that’s a thing) has revealed that he’s currently developing a drink which will have the same effect as alcohol on the brain, but without doing any damage to the liver. Reports have revealed that this drink will effect the body for a couple of hours, much like usual alcohol, though they are limited so you will never actually feel ‘drunk’. Tipsy maybe, but not drunk. If the ongoin..
Man’s free birthday drinks takes very bizarre twist
Free drinks is one of the perks of a birthday bash, but celebrations took an unusual turn for one man when he headed to his local pub. Sparked by a tweet from his friend, he began to receive some unusual free ‘gifts’. Nick Matthewman was enjoying the occasion at a Wetherspoon’s pub in Sheffield when his friend sent out a tweet asking for strangers to send free drinks to his table. “This is Nick, and it’s his birthday. We’re at the Bankers Draft Spoons in Sheffield, table 67, be generous and send him a Bev on the app xxx,” Rory Mcarthur wrote, with the tweet soon racking up thousands of s..
This Brewery Will Pay You to Drink Beer
Need an excuse to drink more beer? You might be telling people it is your job very soon. The London-based Meantime Brewing Company is searching for a beer connoisseur to fill an opening for a “Professional Beer Taster.” Employed on a part time basis, the taster would join a panel of brewers and offer an “external opinion” on company and competitor beers. We have some even greater news! You don’t need any experience. However, qualifying for the job does include an understanding of the different type of brews, for example knowing your pale ales from your IPAs. Professional Beer Testers ..
Top Reasons Quality Cocktail Ingredients Are a Must
Whether you strive to be known as an expert in craft cocktails or a master mixologist, the ingredients you choose to put in your drinks are sure to make a difference. From the alcohol and mixers down to the ice and garnishes, the best cocktail makers understand that every ingredient has to be the upmost quality. Here are the top reasons that quality cocktail ingredients are a must. They Look and Taste Better Only the best host can make drinking a cocktail an experience to remember. Fresh fruits and vibrant colours are certainly what makes a cocktail, though you should also stock up on hi..
New Research 	Unveils Why People’s Faces Go Red When Drinking Alcohol
You may have noticed that some people’s faces turn bright red when they drink alcohol- this may even happen to you during a night out. Research has revealed that this change in complexity has nothing to do with being hot in a packed pub or club, but it’s actually due to “alcohol flush reaction”. Even though it is best-known for causing a red face, the condition also results in a heightened heart rate, headache and nausea. People who turn red whilst drinking alcohol lack activity by an enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenase 2. This ultimately contributes to the hangover feeling, and in most..
Top reasons alcohol makes for the best gift
Wine and beer can be a great gift at times, although not every bottle is the right choice for every person. Plus, whilst this may be a great choice for your friend, it may not be appreciated by your employer. It is for this reason that you should make sure the person receiving the alcohol actually drinks it beforehand. It would be pretty embarrassing if you gifted someone a bottle of vino to then find out they prefer a bottle of pink lemonade instead. However, the beauty of gifting alcohol is, quite simply that the right bottle will persuade the person to crack it open right away- AND SHARE..
Blue wine is a thing- and people are hugely confused
Remember that time when you became an adult and felt like you should stop pretending to enjoy fizzy alcopops that dominated your youth? Though, some people apparently had a rough time letting go. A brand new breed of wine is about to arrive in the US, and it’s blue. Upon this news, savvy alcopoppers are all noting that this drink looks remarkably like WKD. A Spanish-based winemaker has launched Gik Live in order to defy the traditional constraints of alcohol production. So far, it has sold in 25 countries, which includes the UK. However, none of the brand’s founders have had any ex..
People who finish the Cardiff Half Marathon 2017 will receive alcohol
If you’ve signed up to the Cardiff Half Marathon, you could be rewarded with a free glass of fizz or a pint of beer. The race is set to go ahead on October 1st, and the individuals that finish will be able to celebrate in style, thanks to Brains who are working with the marathon organisers. According to reports, this year 25,000 runners have booked their places in Cardiff, and the finishers can have a free drink at one of 13 pubs following the course. A free pint of beer or a refreshing glass of Prosecco is on offer. All runners have to do is show off their finishers medals for a drin..
The bluffer’s guide to wine: pretending you are a sommelier
According to published figures, the UK is the sixth biggest wine consumer in the world. Back in 2013, we packed away approximately 53.3 million nine-litre cases of white wine, and 55.2 million red. So yes, we do drink a lot of wine although most of us probably know very little about it. Here’s a bluffer’s guide to get stuck in and let people think you know all about the UK’s favourite tipple. Like it It may sound basic, but the basics are pretty important. If you aren’t keen on it then it doesn’t matter how many gold medals its won, you probably still won’t like it. Therefore, stick to ..
Should we be drinking wine at breakfast?
For many people, the rich aroma of freshly fried bacon is what mornings smells like, whilst the fruity smells of wine are a sign that evening has arrived. However, what would happen if we got rid of coffee beans and replace it for a glass of merlot at 8am? Whilst this may sound outrageous, countries such as France and Spain are known for glugging an alcoholic beverage in the morning. Just imagine being someone who can drink responsibly, even in the morning, and say: “yes, I will have just one glass with my poached eggs this morning”. So, considering that we’ve fully adopted European coffee ..