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British Summertime Increases Drinks Sales
It looks to us at Drinks Shop that British Summertime has decided to show its warm face. Working, or doing anything in general, makes our mood a whole lot brighter when we are surrounded by sunshine. In our industry, summertime is just a small portion of the year where we very much look forward to selling drinks in the beautifully warm weather. Let’s face it, a refreshing cocktail or a chilled beer is so much more welcomed on a sunny day isn’t it? There’s absolutely nothing better than relaxing in your garden after a long day at work with a glass of alcohol from Drinks Shop. We all know ..
Top 3 health benefits of drinking beer
Of course, you probably have beer to thank for helping you find your partner, spurring on some of your greatest stories, and unveiling your hideous dance moves, but it turns out there are a lot of other awesome, scientifically proven reasons to swig a good beer. Beer could safeguard your heart, boost your immunity, protect your bones, and much much more. So, ready, set, and drink up. Beer Benefit 1: Protect your heart Wine is usually the alcoholic beverage that gets tonnes of credit according to cutting back your cardiovascular disease risk. However, beer may be just as healthy. Re..
3 Insanely fun drinking games you’ve never heard of
Just in case you need more reason to have a tipple with your friends tonight, we’ve put together some of the most insanely fun drinking games that you’ve never (probably never) heard of. Here at Drinks Shop we are huge fans of drinking games, and what better way to have a laugh and do some bonding? These games can be played during a hen/stag do, a birthday celebration, or just a night out on a Saturday night. Let us know which one is your favourite, we would love to know!   Most Likely   Everyone should sit in a circle, and one player asks a “most likely” que..
Top 8 reasons Brits love Prosecco
We Brits might be famed for our home brewed beer and Pimm’s, but it turns out that we really do adore Prosecco as well. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly? Well, it turns out rather a lot of us like a glass of Prosecco, so much so, that according to the figures, Brits consumed more than 36% of all Prosecco wine that was produced last year. You got it right, that’s roughly 112.7 million bottles. So, here are some facts and figures why we at Drinks Shop believe to be the reason that Brits love the sparkling Italian wine… It is so much easier to come across an affordable ..
Quick and easy ways to chill your drinks this summer
There’s nothing more irritating in the hot weather than arriving home at the end of a working day to find your beer or wine is warm. But chill out because keeping your drinks cool in the summer heat has just got a whole lot easier thanks to our team at Drinks Shop. We’ve put together some of the top ways you could cool the drinks you purchase from us as soon as they get delivered, making each sip taste fresher and even more delicious.   Paper towels   If you don’t have time for the amount of pre-chilling needed to cool drinks, try wrapping your drinks in wet paper towel..
Drinking gin and tonic could sooth hayfever symptoms
Hayfever certainly has the ability to take us entirely out-of action by blocking noses, irritating eyes and tickling our throats to beyond the point of control.   You may be someone that is desperately on the hunt for anything to cure some of these symptoms. However, you may want to replace your high stock of antihistamines with gin and tonic. As if we really needed an excuse to pop open the Bombay Sapphire.   In the past it has been proven that alcohol worsens the symptoms of hayfever and asthma, so why are we now being told differently? In a recent study Asthma UK hav..
A brand new take on simple cocktails which includes REAL ants
We all enjoy a large, refreshing cocktail now and then, but have you ever thought of including real ants into your recipe? A bar in Exeter has recently revealed its brand new delicious cocktail menu for the summer. However, some customers are squirming as numerous options include real edible animals!   Doctor Ink’s Curiosities are known for their very creative and outlandish drinks menu, although they’ve taken it a step further with a new range of bug inspired cocktails. Other options on the menu are drinks which feature edible flowers, popcorn and pineapples.   One cocktail on t..
Top drinks to enjoy during Royal Ascot
Royal Ascot will soon be here again, where many of you will be celebrating and hopefully soaking up some glorious sunshine. So, to keep you hydrated, we’ve put together a few delicious drinks ideas for you to enjoy whilst making the most of the occasion.    Blood Orange & Star anise fizz cocktail (Serves 4)   Ingredients - 4 blood oranges, quartered, 120ml Grand Marnier, 1 star anise, 4 tsp tequila, Prosecco or champagne to top up   Method    Soak each blood orange with their skin in 100ml Grand Marnier for approximately three hours.  Heat the ov..
How to throw a DIY cocktail party
Alcoholic beverages don’t get much more exciting than cocktails, do they? There’s something wonderful about the science of mixing different ingredients together to create a delicious concoction which will not only taste incredible, but help to get you pretty squiffy at the very same time. Regardless of the occasion, we think cocktails can only heighten your party experience. Many shun adding cocktails to their own house party plans because of the costs which can be involved in splurging on lots of expensive alcohol, however, there are a number of different ways which you can throw a DIY cock..
A month-long beer festival comes to Bristol this week!
Here at Drinks Shop we’d like to think we’re pretty clued up in the world of alcohol. We know what’s hot, what’s not and what is the perfect tipple on a Friday after work. Everyone has different tastes of course, but it’s hard to deny the power of a pint of beer. Quite frankly, there’s nothing better than an ice cold beer. Whether you’re in the sun, on your holidays, you’ve had a tough week or you just fancied a little drink on a Tuesday evening, beer is the drink of the gods, and should be celebrated as such. That’s why we wanted to inform you of the wonderful month long beer festival being h..
Top Father's Day presents for Dads that love a beer!
Father’s Day is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift for your Dad can be quite the task. If your dad is a big fan of beer, why not get him a gift that he will definitely make use of but will also not break your bank? Here at DrinksShop.co.uk, we have the top five gifts to get a dad who loves beer!    Philips Perfect Draft Machine (£249.95)   If you’re willing to spend a bit extra or join forces with your siblings to buy your dad the perfect gift, the stylish Philips Perfect Draft Machine is a great option. It offers your dad the chance to have a flavoursome, pe..
Top 3 beers for your Champions League Final bash
With the Champions League Final arriving in Cardiff this weekend, we at DrinksShop.co.uk understand that various people will be throwing parties at home, needing to order some beer in for the biggest annual fixture on the sporting calendar.    While just a few days away, there is no need to worry if you think you have left things late, with our team still working on orders going across the country to sporting fans. Need some help choosing your stock? Here are our ‘go to beers’ for sporting events, all of which we cater and are available to order on our website by the ..
It seems that Britain's love for Prosecco may be starting to get a little out of hand, with new research showing that the UK consumed a third of all prosecco produced last year. With a huge communal love for the bubbly stuff, our love affair with brands such as Sensi and Vino Spumante is however only just starting, with orders for the Italian white wine looking even stronger this year.   The Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco (yes, it's a real company!) reported that 410.9 million bottles of Prosecco were produced last year, meaning 135,597,000 of them went to Britain. Confi..
The home-grown, upcycling wedding themes are becoming vastly popular of late, with the wedding reception now being a way in which planners can get creative.   As a fun and exciting opportunity to create your own menu of signature cocktails and mixtures, we at Drinksshop.co.uk have witnessed a few trends over the past few months, helping those planning their wedding bar with the produce they need.   Providing you with all the stock for the ultimate party, here are just a few drinks-based ideas you may want to take inspiration from:     Champagne and Prosecco&nbs..
  As you know, here at Drinksshop.co.uk, our main priority is influencing great memories, offering a vast range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to help our customers get the party started. With the much-anticipated British summer now creeping up on us, the famous Wimbledon tournament is encroaching; one of the greatest two weeks on the UK sporting calendar.   Over the years, watching Wimbledon with a glass of something wonderful in your hand has become the norm, with the competition signifying our patriotic nature and love for a good time! Though excited for the ..