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Welcome Yuletide Season with Beer Gifts
With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of gifts for family and friends. Giving Xmas presents is a tedious task as your gift may not be the choice of your buddies. Why not buy beer gifts for pals who love their liquor?  There are many instances that a mug of beer will be welcome! Although not classified as health food, beer contributes to the daily nutritional needs of the individual. Consumed in moderate amount, beer benefits the body. Beerdsman Mini Lager Kegs Of the 32,000 kinds of beers worldwide, your best option for a beer is Beerdsman Lager. Lager ..
Make the Season Merrier with Craft Beer Gift
There are many kinds of beer and one is Lager. This beer type is generally referred to as yeast-fermented; it needs lower temperature as compared with other kinds. Drink lager in a cool mug it makes you relax as it reduces stress and anxiety. By the way beer has myriads of other health benefits! Since December is gift-giving month, now is the proper time to start planning presents for family and friends. Your buddies will enjoy craft beer gift. What makes beer a perfect gift? ·        Easily available anytime and anywhere; ·        It is cost-ef..
Party Keg Pump
It is a common sight, men and women up and down the country go to their local pub or bar and pick their favourite draught product to sip away on whilst socialising with friends and family. However, on many occasions friends and family come to you on events such as BBQ’s, house parties and cocktail evenings. Wanting to offer a range of drinks, those putting on the get-together will supply spirits, mixers, wines and bottled beer. However, supplying your guests with bottled beer just does not have the same effect as a cool, refreshing pint. This is where our Party Keg Pump comes into action as yo..
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Buy a Beer Pump
There are several occasions throughout the year that men and women look to put on a range of events for several reasons. Whether you are looking to put on a Christmas or New Year’s Eve bash or are hosting a house warming or summer BBQ, it can be a great time to socialise with friends and family. The checklist when organising such functions can be extensive with food to cook, entertainment to organise and drinks to source. Drinks can make or break any function and beer is a massive part of the decision. Bottles and cans may seem like the easy way out but these can take up much room and if not l..
Fathers Day Craft Beer Gifts
If your Dad is a fan of craft beer, with Fathers Day around the corner, what better way to tell your Dad “thank you for everything you have ever done for me” than a Beerdsman 5 Litre mini keg!  Beerdsman Lager uses only the finest ingredients from across Europe to produce a truly wonderful pilsner perfect for a Fathers Day gift. With a robust, full bodied flavour Beerdsman is made with real love and passion that you can taste with every sip, and once your father tastes the love and care put into Beerdsman, he will know how much he means to you. Beerdsman’s Pilsner has been described b..
Beerdsman Lager 5 Litre Mini Kegs
5 litre self-tapped mini kegs have been something we here at Drinks Shop have been wanting to stock and distribute to our customers for a long time and our calls seem to have been answered! We have had the pleasure of partnering with new brand Beerdsman Beer to stock their very first brew – Beerdsman Lager, in 5 Litre Mini Kegs. Beerdsman Lager 5 Litre Mini Kegs hold approximately 8.8 pints and come with their very own dispense tap – no need for any expensive equipment; just pop it in the fridge to chill! The smaller quantity of pints makes it an ideal way of enjoying the great taste of dra..
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Self Tapped Beer Kegs
Our Self Tapped Beer Kegs are perfect for any small event you are planning to have, whether that be corporate or private. They also make amazing gifts for anyone who loves beer or loves to drink a beer while at home sitting and watching the football. These self tapped beer kegs are very simple to set up, all you need to do is lift up the tap on the top of the keg to let the air in and lift up the cap at the side to extend the tap. All that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the beer! So whether your event is a BBQ or having a few of your friends round to watch the football, our Self Tapped..
Craft Beer Home Brew Kits
The craft beer industry in the UK is booming with a record number of new breweries popping up every week. Many lovers of premium beers long to try their hand at creating their very own beer styles but are put off by the expensive, technical kits on the market. Here at DrinksShop.co.uk we are breaking the mould and offering Craft Beer Home Brew Kits for those looking to brew their very own styles! The beginners kits provide you with all of the equipment you need to start your home brew journey with a Pale Ale and IPA malt/hop mixture available. Craft Beer Home Brew Kits from Drinks..
Our new set of Blind Pig Premium Cider has arrived! This drinks set includes three 500ml bottles of cider and a Crate. The flavours include; Rum and Poached Pear which is 4% ABV, Bourbon and Berry which is 4% ABV and Whiskey Honey and Apple which is also 4% ABV.  Each bottle is wrapped in vintage-looking newspaper. Although there is no real spirit just flavourings, these ciders would taste good with a shot of a real spirit. It’s up to you! Blind Pig Cider is a premium product that has just been brought to the UK. The Rum and Poached Pear has a combination of spicy pear which is comp..
Nexus Fruit Pulp Cocktail Mixers
Our new Nexus Fruit Pulp Cocktail Mixers are 60% real fruit and perfect for any type of cocktails you wish to have. These Nexus Fruit Cocktail Mixers come in a variety of different flavours, these include Coconut, Grenadine, Lime, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry and Sweet and Sour. All these bottles are 75cl apart from the Sweet and Sour mix which is 70cl. Whether your event is at home in a hall, whether you having a bar or not, these bottles are quick and easy to use and do not make a mess. We offer you seven different flavours there is quite a selection for you to choose from, which..
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Nexus Cocktail Syrups
We have a new variety of Nexus Cocktail Syrups which come in 8 different flavours. These syrups are perfect for cocktails and each flavour has an exquisite taste, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has premium quality ingredients. These syrups can be used for both hot and cold drinks and are perfect for any type of event you are planning to have whether its indoors or outdoors. Whether your event is at home in a hall, whether you having a bar or not, these syrups are quick and easy to use and do not make a mess. We can offer you eight different flavours, there is quite a selection for ..
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Quartz 5 litre Beer Kegs
Whatever you’re doing whether its having a BBQ or small gathering with your loved ones, why not really get the party started with our selection of new 5 litre beer kegs. All of our Quartz 5 Litre Beer Kegs are self-tapped and come in a variety of different flavours, we can provide you with Blonde which is a fresh fruity tasting, light coloured ale. This ale is 3.8% ABV, Cracker which is dark winter ale and is the strongest of our collection. It contains 5.0% ABV. We can also supply you with Crystal which is a pale amber ale and is 4.2% ABV, Extra Blonde has a fruity refreshing taste to it and ..
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Affligem Beertender Kegs
A beer crafted in the Affligem Abbey (which was founded around 1074) and still stands, the brand name of the beer being used under license from the monks of the abbey. Now owned by Heineken International, the Affligem Brewery uses schemes such as the Beertender machine to reach out to customers across the world, allowing them access to this great beer through the Affligem Beertender Kegs. Another keg designed for Heineken & Krups’ Beertender machine, the Affligem 5 litre kegs are a great way to stock yourself with a small amount of this great beer! Our Affligem Beertender Kegs are compa..
Desperados Beertender Kegs
Desperados is taking the country by storm, introducing its unique variation in the beer market to new people and earning itself many admirers for its unique taste – which includes a tang of tequila for a taste unlike most lagers. If you are looking for a Desperados Beertender Keg to purchase then we at DrinksShop.co.uk are more than capable of helping you out! The Beertender machine by Heineken and Krups is an innovative home-drinks machine designed to allow people to pour a professional, chilled pint in the comfort of their own home – and is capable of utilising a couple of different drinks o..
Heineken Beertender Kegs
The Heineken brewery – brought by Gerard Heineken in 1864 when it was known under the name ‘the Haystack’ – has been around for over 150 years, constantly expanding its horizons to new locations and bettering its ingredients – including the ‘Heineken A-yeast’ which was developed in 1886 and continues to be used to this day in Heineken beer. Throughout the years, Heineken has been promoting its export – winning several medals in France and being the first European beer on the scene after prohibition was lifted in the United States – and is now the favourite beer of many throughout the world, ut..