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Large (11 Gal) Kegs

Our Large Beer Kegs are perfect for small intimate events or large social parties. One 11 gallon keg pours 88 pints, ideal for the hot summer or even for snug winters. All large kegs work with the corresponding Draught Beer Chillers (S-Type, U-Type, A-Type or G-Type).

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Carlsberg 11 gallon / 88 pint keg The first ever pint of Carlsberg was brewed in 1947, since then it is known to be the worlds best lager. ABV of 3.8% This S-Type Carlsberg Keg works hand-in-hand with our S-Type Draught Beer C..
Brand: Lowenbrau
Lowenbrau 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. With a heritage dates back to 1383, Lowenbrau is a pale lager that should be served with a large head that enables the mildly sweet malty aroma's to be preserved and enhance the beers fine taste. Lowenbrau lager ..
Brand: Becks
Becks Vier 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. This German beer is greatly popular not only in the UK but all over the world. Becks Vier is a lower (4.0%) ABV version of the original Becks lager. We provide the highest possible quality Becks Vier that can be..
Brand: Budweiser
Budwiser has thrived in the beer market for over 150 years, through the struggling times of WW2 and the prohibition it has still come out strong. It is a lager that is drunk and loved all over the world. Our G-Type Budwiser Kegs provide high-quality ..
Brand: Carling
Carling 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Carling is the UK's best selling lager, it was originally sold off the streets of London when the founder, Thomas Carling, started brewing full-time in 1818. Here at Drinks Shop, we stock and supply 4.0% ABV Carlin..
Brand: Foster's
Fosters 11 Gallon / 88 pint Keg Fosters is a pale lager that began brewing in Austrailia during 1888 and has grown from strength to strength ever since. It was first ever imported to the UK in the 1970s and is now one of the nation's favourit..
Brand: Heineken
Heineken 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Heineken is the third largest brewing company in the world, owning over 190 breweries and employing around 85,000 people. Heineken beer had been perfected to its max over the years and is now one of the most popul..
Kronenbourg 1664 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Kronenbourg 1664 is famously known as a 'pub favourite' beer, perfect for any hot summers day. With an ABV of 5.0%, it is one of the UK's most loved brands of beer. Our Kronenbourg 1664 Kegs provide a refr..
Brand: Meantime
Meantime London Lager 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Meantime Larger pours pale golden with a nice white foam head, the unpasteurised English lager ( ABV of 4.5% ) is a long matured traditional lager and a real treat for some! The S-Type meantim..
Brand: Meantime
Meantime London Pale Ale 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. London Pale Ale is brewed using US and Kentish hops to give a citrus fruity aroma and refreshing but bitter taste. The complex flavours are highly distinguishable, with an ABV of 4.3% Meantime..
Brand: Peroni
Peroni 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Peroni Kegs have proven to be one of our most popular beer keg brands.Whether youre hosting a BBQ, stag, hen, birthday party, house party or even just a lads night in, Drinks Shop Large Keg products are the perfect ..
Brand: Pimm's
Pimms 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Pimms... just the name makes them summer memories come flooding in! Pimms is the perfect drink for that hot relaxing summers day. The BBQ day, with friends and family, laughter and nothing but fun!  At Drin..
Brand: San Miguel
San Miguel 11 gallon / 88 pint keg. Our San Miguel 11 gallon kegs easily allow for a few guests at your function to enjoy some nice chilled lager on demand or larger amounts of the larger can be consumed when you order kegs in bulk! On averag..
Stella Artois 10 gallon / 80 pint keg. Stella Artois is know for its distinctive, premium taste and crisp clean finish.Saaz Hops are used in Stella Artois and they are what differentiate it from other lagers. Saaz is one of the original hops that ..