Bar equipment: 5 must-have products

Here at DrinksShop.Co.Uk, we are best known for being an online platform to buy scrumptious alcoholic drinks. However, in recent years we have started to sell a range of bar equipment products, providing high-end products for both commercial hospitality establishments as well as home bars.

Below, we provide you with a breakdown of our 5 must-have bar items.

Bar Runner

No bar is complete without a bar runner. Used to complement the décor on the bar and providing a place for people to place drinks, runners are practical and stylish. If you are looking to add a tone of professionalism to your bar then why not invest in one of our non-slippery Jägermeister Bar Runners? At just £9.99, they are cheap yet effective.

25ml Optic

While free-pouring is a fun way to serve drinks, usually making for a higher alcohol content, for a proper bar feel, you will need an optic. This is a product you can source on DrinksShop.Co.Uk. At present, we are selling 25m optics for just £4.99.

Bar Tidy

If you want to keep your bar looking the part then we highly recommend buying a bar tidy, a small, specifically-designed box to keep napkins, straws, stirrers and any other bits and bobs to make your drinks the best they could possibly be. Costing just £7.99, a Bar Tidy will not cost you the earth. But, it will have an impact on the way people view your bar.

Cocktail Shaker

Where your guests and customers may be more of a humble pint kind on bunch, it is essential that when you receive lavish bar requests, you can cater to them. This is why every bar should be in possession of a cocktail shaker, allowing bartenders to experiment with different mixtures and provide unique drinking experiences. Buy one today on for just £13.99.

Jägermeister Bottle Tap Machine

If you are really looking to get the party started at your bar, then you will of course need some shots. In recent years, we have found that the German liqueur, Jägermeister, to do the trick. Whether enjoyed straight or as part of a ‘Bomb’ in order to be on-trend, you need to stock this drink at your bar. If you are a fan of the drink, take a look at the Jägermeister Bottle Tap Machine; a product that we are selling for £359.99.

For more details on these products or to search our many other offers, browse through our site at your leisure.