Bar Equipment

Beer can be the life and sole of a party and what better way to have it than on draught? have a range of draught beer dispensing equipment designed to cater for different budgets and occasions. Don’t limit yourself to bottled beer which takes up all of the room in your fridge and does not have the palate pleasing taste of draught.

Our party pumps are new and innovative keg dispensers which require no gas or cooler! The small, compact and simple to use party pumps clamp straight onto the top of the keg, you then pump to pressurise your keg and pour with the professional handle. The beer comes out just like a full pub set up!

Our all in one keg dispenser is essentially a 2 meter bar counter on wheels. Inside of this unit is a cooler and space for two kegs. These two kegs will be chilled to perfection within the all in one keg unit and are hooked up to a gas bottle and each have their own dispensing tap atop of the bar.

Surprise your guests with either of these types of dispensing equipment and offer them the cool, crisp taste of refreshing draught beer!

25ml Optic

£4.99 £4.16

Bar Runner

£9.99 £8.33

Bar Tidy

£7.99 £6.66

Cocktail Shaker

£13.99 £11.66

Jagermeister Tap Machine

£359.99 £299.99

Spirit Pourer

£1.99 £1.66