Beer for chemotherapy patients gathers momentum

As you know, here at, we love nothing more than an innovative drinks product, especially one that has a strong moral purpose. This is why we were thrilled to hear of the launch of Mamma Beer; a beer made specifically for chemotherapy patients.

Mamma Beer has been developed to combat “chemo mouth”, or its medical name dysgeusia. This is a side effect of chemotherapy; one that makes food and drink taste bland, bitter and often metallic.

Made in coalition with Žatec brewery and breast cancer advocacy group, Mamma Help, the beer has hit the headlines, with its creators credited for using beer for such purposes. Though being marketed specifically at those battling Breast Cancer, the beer can be enjoyed by all sorts of chemotherapy patients.

Enjoying the help of advertising agency, Y&R Prague, the beer boasts an emotional backstory. Agency CCO, Tereza Sverakova, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 34 years of age. Being a campaign that is close to her heart, she was honoured to be part of the Mamma Beer project.

“When Mamma HELP asked us to do an awareness campaign for them, it was an opportunity for me to dive into these painful memories and use them to try to turn them into something good,” she said.

“Chemotherapy is tough, and one of the side effects that many people are not aware of is a loss of taste. Everything tastes horrible, like metal” Tereza Sverakova continued.
Here at, we think this is a truly wonderful idea and look forward to learning more about the range in the coming months.

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