5 tips for drinking responsible

5 tips for drinking responsible

While a business that sells alcohol, as a brand, we at Drinks Shop are incredibly passionate about the promotion of responsible drinking. Working closely with various outside agencies and charities, we work hard to ensure our customers are safe, legal and informed of the risks of consuming alcohol. If you are heading to an event or just want to educate yourself on the subject of response drinking, below are 5 tips to help you along the way.

Eat food before and while drinking

It is true that foods, particularly those higher in fat, slow the absorption rate of alcohol. ResposnibleDrinking.Org explains: “This happens because eating closes the valve between your stomach and intestines, where the alcohol is absorbed more quickly than in your stomach. But, eventually, the alcohol will be absorbed, and your body can only metabolize a certain amount of alcohol each hour.” This is why it is always a good idea to eat before you drink and whilst consuming alcohol, ensuring your body has something to absorb the alcohol you drink. Not only will this allow you to remain in control of your mind and body, but it will see you remember more.

Do not drink for the sake of it

Drinking because everyone else is isn’t a good idea. Remember, for many, alcohol can be a depressant, so if you are not feeling in the mood to drink, do not.

Drink at your own pace

On average, a person metabolises 10-12g of alcohol in an hour. However, we are all different. As a result, it is important that you drink at your own pace. Just because a friend is drinking at a faster rate than you don’t mean you have to. So, when deciding to have an alcoholic drink, listen to your body, thinking about whether you actually want one or not.

Stick with one drink

Where the world of alcohol is packed with so many options, when deciding to drink for the night, it is advisable to stick to just one drink. This is because switching between low and high-alcohol content drinks can see you lose control over the pace. So, before switching, remember that mixing drinks could lead to intoxication more quickly.

Know the impacts of alcohol

While drunk people look like they are having the time of their life, the truth is not everything about alcohol is great. Responsible for both short and long-term health impacts, drinking alcohol comes with many side effects. “As people drink more, their BAC level increases, and the mental and physical effects of drinking intensify. The individual who drinks to excess becomes increasingly intoxicated or “drunk.” As one’s BAC rises, the “intoxicated” person becomes less aware of surroundings, speech becomes slurred, vision may be blurred, balance is unstable, reaction time is slowed, and, above all, the ability to make good judgments may be impaired. The person may vomit as the body tries to rid itself of dangerous amounts of alcohol. Intoxicated people are at higher risk of getting hurt in accidents and through injuries or hurting someone else” ResposnibleDrinking.Org continues. For more support and information on responsible drinking, visit the Responsible Drinking website.

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