Low-alcohol drinks: The best way to pace yourself

When deciding that you want to hit the tiles, the idea of a hangover or getting too drunk and embarrassing yourself can often outweigh the excitement. This is why at Drinks Shop, we work hard to promote responsible drinking, offering tips and advice on how to make the most of boozy events.

Here at Drinks Shop, we are thrilled with the UK’s complete adoption of low-alcohol drinks, with younger drinkers, in particular, wanting to remain in control whilst exploring the wonderful drinks on offer. Confirmed by various research projects, it appears that as a nation, we want more drink, but less alcohol.

“Alcohol-free lifestyle is on the up, and people are frustrated because there are limited options in bars,” says one London bartender.

“These are not mocktails, organic juices or craft soda, but a completely different category of beverage” he continues.


If you are heading in a night out and want to pace yourself, low-alcohol cocktails and Mocktails are well and truly on-trend. Below are just a few we have found work well at events:

  • Watermelon and limo Mocktail – combine watermelon juice with honey, sugar, lime juice and a splash soda for a refreshing, booze-less cocktail.
  • Rosemary, lime and grapefruit sparkling water – When at celebrations, you will see many cheers-ing glasses of fizz. For an alcohol-less fizzy drink, combine soda water with grapefruit juice, lime and sprig of rosemary.
  • Pomegranate Mojito – With its minty freshness, the Mojito is about much more than its alcohol content. This is why we are seeing many tee-total variations. Here at Drinks Shop, we are huge fans of the Pomegranate Mojito; a drink that combines lemonade with pomegranate juice and fresh lime.

Low-alcohol cocktails

Fancy a drink with just a touch of alcohol? Well, now you can do exactly that! With so many low-alcohol spirits on the market, you can make your favourite mixtures without the boozy kick. From low-alcohol gin and rum to whiskey and vodka, this end of the drinks market is always growing.

Whether you are looking for alcohol or some bar equipment for an event, browse our catalogue today.

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