The Heineken Blade Machine and why YOU need one!

The Heineken Blade Machine and why YOU need one!

Blade Machine Collections

Since many people have a nag to drink fresh beer at bars, there is a range of partial beer-making solutions to facilitate them. One of them is Blade Machine Collections. This range of beer solutions is ideal for every single situation including having some event parties or get-togethers. It is the latest professional beer draught system in which different sized kegs are used. One of the best things about Blade Machine Collection is that it is innovatively designed to take less space than the conventional beer-making equipment. With this quality, it is a perfect blade machine to put on any countertop at a bar.  Not only this minimalistic design guarantees perfection in beer making but it is very easy to use as well. Let’s have look at its composition.

Blade Machine Design

There is more than one design to serve your needs if you are interested to buy any Blade Machine Collection. One Blade Machine Collection could have 1 or 2 beer kegs depending on size. These Blade Machine kegs have an in-built compression system that keeps the temperature at 2 Celsius. It does not require you to have CO2 or any other gas to prepare premium quality beer. It is easy to install, just manage all units of this machine, and then all you need to do is a plugin, and your beer will stay fresh for at least 30 days. You can pour whenever you want and keep the rest safe and fresh.

How can this machine be useful for you?

If you own a bar or any kind or restaurant, putting the Blade Machine Beer Keg on the countertop would be great for so many reasons. Buy from our Drinks Shop and choose the one from our Blade Machine Collections according to your needs and space. You can have the listed benefits upfront.

  1. First, you can have freshly brewed beer stored for 30 days.
  2. Just pour a chilled glass of beer whenever you have a customer. No pressure of spoiled or rotten beer smell.
  3. It comes with a tap handle, drip tray, and can store up to 8 Liters.
  4. Energy consumption is less than conventional beer-making equipment.
  5. Perfectly sleek design to take less space at any countertop.


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