The Keg Party Pump and Why YOU need one!

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The Keg Party Pump and Why YOU need one!

Keg Party Pump

Although some kegs come along with a tap these days to facilitate people the most common practice for pouring cider, beer, ale, and cocktails is to have a keg party pump. The keg party pump is ideal for parties because you just have to grab a beer keg and fix the party pump on it to enjoy the hassle-free pouring.  It is an easy solution to pour the beverage straight from the barrel without using any gas or pipes whatsoever.

How to use Keg Party Pump?

If you are looking to buy one, the Drinks Shop offers a keg party pump that would fit perfectly on any UK coupler that has a standard UK thread type. It is highly suitable for cider, bitter, lager, and prosecco kegs in general. But there will be some kegs that aren’t compatible with this sort of Party Pump, so make sure you have the correct keg before fitting and make sure to fit it the right way otherwise, you may end up with a broken Party Pump. The application of this Party Pump is so easy, there is no need to hire muscle as you can do it yourself. When you fit the Party Pump on a keg, make sure to pump the handle a few types and then pull the handle to pour the fresh and dispensed beer directly from the keg. There is no need to attach any gas or electric devices with it. For best results, we recommend our clients to place the keg in a tub with cold water and a lot of ice because no one likes a warm beer. This is not only the easiest way, but it can keep the beer chill for many hours.

If you are having a party or any get together at your place, having the non-stop supply of beer would be enough to cheer your guests all night, so order the keg party pump from our Drinks Shop at a reasonable price.

This keg Party Pump can be reused as much as you want, just make sure to clean it well after the usage. If you don’t have the right equipment to clean it, ask any expert’s advice but clean it after every use.


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