What makes a responsible bartender?

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What makes a responsible bartender?

Here at Drinks Shop, we work with many different types of event planners. From those arranging the birthday bash of the year to professional wedding planners looking to put on a real display of love, our drinks have graced the lips of guests across the country. While a business centred on alcohol, we are very passionate about the subject of responsible drinking, understanding our responsibility to customers and our wider network of Blog readers.  

This is why today, we have decided to give our event planners and bar managers a helping hand, providing a few tips on how to become a responsible bartender. So, whatever bar you are working at or staffing, read on!  

Always ask for identification  

As a bartender, it is your job to keep guests happy and most importantly; safe. This is why being diligent when it comes to identification is a must. Ensuring that every one that is drinking is of the legal age will not only protect you and your license but also the customer. If you are finding it hard to decipher whether or not a customer is old enough, use the Challenge 25 rule. Basically, if you do not think a customer looks 25, challenge them to prove that they are 18.  

Keep an eye on guests who may have had enough to drink 

While a Bartender’s job is to ensure their customers are enjoying the drinks they have poured them, a responsible bartender will be able to identify who has had enough. Below are a few tell-tale signs that a customer has reached their limit:  

  • They are finding it hard to keep their balance  

  • Their speech is starting to slur  

  • Their face is flushed 

  • They are showing signs of exaggerated emotions  

  • They feel or have been sick  

  • They behave aggressively 

Be clear about the alcohol content of drinks; especially cocktails  

While cocktails can look colourful and pretty, the truth is, many can be lethal. With many bartenders renowned for free-pouring spirits in cocktails, drinkers can quickly lose touch of how much they have had. If you are looking to act in a responsible manner, always be clear about what the drinks you are serving include; particularly their alcohol content.  

So, there you have it; a few tips to think about. If you have any of your own, be sure to share them with us!

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