Brits display a growing appetite for New Zealand wine

As you will know, at Drinks Shop, we are huge fans of wine, enjoying nothing more than adding new wine products to our ever–expanding range. However, did you know that here in the UK, we have developed a real love affair with wine from New Zealand. That’s right. While a wine that many have criticised over the years, year-on-year value sales of New Zealand wine is up by a whopping 15.5%. While being ordered constantly at restaurants, it appears we are also enjoying New Zealand wine at home, with volume sales also up 9.7%. This therefore makes the UK one of the only countries in positive growth.

Much more than Sauvignon blanc

This growth is apparently being steered by a growing demand for Sauvignon Blanc. While a wine the country is famous for, many are starting to explore the many other wines New Zealand has to offer the world. According to a research project, New Zealand Pinot Gris has become increasingly popular in recent months. According Drinks Business, ‘on-trade volume sales are up by 39% and value sales are spiking by a staggering 79%.

Sommelier, Melanie Brown, decided ten years ago that he would turn his wine list completely kiwi-focused.”.

“New Zealand does so much more than Sauvignon and we wanted to show what the country was capable of” he said.

Being able to help producers secure distribution in the UK makes us feel like proud parents.”

“Sommeliers used to be snobby about New Zealand wines, and there was this feeling that you had to have a token Sauvignon on the menu, but times have changed and things have improved enormously,” he continued.

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