Cocktail Mixers

Many products in both food and drink require that dash of flavour in order to really saturate the product with flavour. Dreamy fruit mixers are the perfect filler for these needs, and allow that whatever you be creating – whether it belongs in a bakery or a bar – tastes delicious.

We have a variety of different flavours, allowing for you to create a wide range of different classic or unique cocktails, ensuring that on a night out you or your consumer have a larger number of options available, whether you prefer a classic Mojito or a Martini. Our list of flavours includes Cranberry, Melon, Grenadine, Passion Fruit, Mango, Mojito and Strawberry – all of which can be used however you wish in order to make products for your bakery, cocktails for your bar, or something for a night in.

In addition to the liquid inside the bottle, the bottles themselves are an attractive and smart design, ensuring that they are ready for the shelf straight after purchase, whether that shelf be in a pub, at home, or any other location. So allow us to supply you with these easily used no-hassle products – you won’t regret it!