Draught Beer Chillers

The Draught Beer Chillers from Drinks Shop is the ideal gift. It’s a great way to tap, cool and professional pour draught beer. Ideal for your next party or function.

The draught beer chillers are designed for what we call 'easy-drinking', basically events where the use of the machine is going to be steady rather than extra busy.

Does the draught beer chiller need gas? No, it operates on air pressure, so air goes into the keg and pushes the beer (liquid)out.

How is the beer (liquid chilled)? The unit has a small tank within it, this stores and chills the product before you pull the tap and pour.

What size kegs can be used on the machine? ANY size and style of keg which has a fitting on the keg which allows a keg coupler to be attached.

Which kegs can be used with the chiller unit? The chiller can have any coupler fitted to it (couplers sold separately).

What are the most popular keg couplers for the UK? S type, U type, Key Keg, G type.

What categories of drinks can be dispensed using the machine? Lager, Bitter, Stout, Cider, Prosecco and others which may be in a keg form.