Cocktail Kegs

At Drinks Shop we are proud to sell Giraffe Cocktails' craft small-batch cocktails ready to serve directly from the tap fitted within the mini keg.

The process is simple, they use fresh ingredients, premium spirits and passion to blend their amazing cocktails, resulting in an exceptional cocktail that can be served consistently and quickly every time. 

Where should I store the kegs?

The metal kegs are best kept out of direct sunlight when serving it is best to keep the keg(s) in the fridge so that each cocktail is served nice and cold.

How long will the keg last once open?

Once opened and kept in the fridge at the cool temperature, each keg should last between 14 and 20 days.

What Vodka is used in the cocktails?

We don’t use a branded vodka, however, we use a premium vodka distilled in the UK that is then infused in-house.

What is the ABV (alcohol by volume)?

Pornstar Martini - 8% abv

Espresso Martini -11% abv

Gin Garden - 10.5% abv

Cosmo - 10% abv

Strawberry Daiquiri - 10% abv