Drinks to serve at a Jewish wedding

Here at DrinksShop, we sell some wonderful drinks, many of which stock wedding bars across the country. Thrilled to be sharing our products with all sorts of customers, we have in recent months become highly in demand by those planning Jewish wedding bars. Purchasing some of our non-alcoholic products, we thought we would dig a little deeper into Jewish wedding drinks, helping our customers with the bar-planning process.

Grape juice cocktails

No-alcohol is a key component in many religious observances, including Judaism. If you are planning a Jewish celebration of any kind, we highly recommend serving some sort of grape juice. Being a drink that has become synonymous with Jewish events, grape juice is simply a must.

Kosher wine

While Jewish weddings tend to be tee-total events, there may well be guests coming that enjoy alcohol. As a result, it may be an idea to serve wine. If so, we do recommend opting for Kosher wine; wine that is produced according to Judaism’s religious law, specifically, Jewish dietary laws.

Pomegranate juice

With Jewish delicacies tending to be carb-heavy, fresh, fruity drinks can be highly desirable. Counteracting the stodginess, pomegranate juice can work well. Whether serving this straight or incorporating the fruit juice into cocktails and mocktails, for an on-trend Jewish drinks menu, stock up on pomegranate juice.

Drinks for weddings

If you are planning a wedding and looking for stock, be sure to explore our wonderful range today. With wines, beers, bar equipment and even beer kegs, you will be sure to find what you are looking for.