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Top drinks for World Cup 2018
The World Cup has now well and truly kicked off, with yesterday's game between Spain and Portugal being branded the best European derby for years. Seeing Ronaldo put on one hell of a performance, UK fans have only become more and more excited for the games to come. Whether planning parties or just relaxing at home to watch the match, one thing is for sure; you will need some drink to cheer on your side with. Below we give a breakdown of the best drinks for World Cup spectators.     Paulaner Munich Helles 5 Litre Self Tapped Keg - £21.95     F..
Father's Day: Say I Love you with these drinks gifts
With Father's Day just a week away, many of you will be panic-buying, scanning your local shops for suitable gifts. Often buying items that don’t really reflect how you feel about Dad, we at DrinksShop.Co.Uk have a solution. Why not gift your Dad with some great drink this Father's Day? With Dads renowned for their love of a good old drink, we can help you with gifts you know he will love. Below are just a few to explore:     Paulaner Munich Helles 5 Litre Self Tapped Keg    Whatever your Dad's age, he will certainly enjoy being the proud owner of..
UK Gin Sales Reach £1.5 Billion
As a topic we commonly cover on the DrinksShop blog, gin-buying trends have yet again changed shape, with the country showing even more of a hankering for the spirit. According to the latest report, UK gin sales have reached a whopping £1.5billion, making it the official drink of the UK.     Announced by the Wine and Spirit Association (WASA), they claimed that 55 million bottles had been sold in the 12 months, breaking new records for gin consumption. These figures do however account for all gin sales, including supermarkets, shops, pubs, bars and restaurants. Experienci..
 A new events portal for UK party planners
As you know, here at DrinksShop, we work closely with event planners across the country, offering adorable drinks packages for all types of events and celebrations. From concerts and festivals to red carpet events, our speciality is serving guests in their hundreds and thousands. This is why we were thrilled to hear the news of a new business, JustBookItNow.Com; a website that permits event planners to promote their events for free for the rest of the year. Developed by Flame Concepts, the website aims to evolve into the country’s go-to portal for event information. While fantastic from ..
Absolut Vodka launches selfie campaign
One of the world’s most recognised drinks brands, Absolut Vodka, has this week launched an ingenious campaign, one that aims to bring travellers from all over the world together through the use of technology. Called the ‘Global Selfie’ campaigns, the Vodka brand  asked travellers from all over the globe to be part of a ‘selfie mosaic’, a piece of art that celebrates unity and acceptance of all beliefs and cultures. Coinciding with the release of the Absolut World limited edition bottle, this campaign showcases Absolut in a great light, displaying a concern for national agenda national ..
Three HOT deals up for grabs on DrinksShop.co.uk
If you are already a customer of ours, then you will know that at DrinksShop.co.uk. Our focus is sharing great drinking experiences, providing high-end drinks and equipment in order to do so. Being incredibly in-demand as the summer approaches, we are currently promoting a string of deals; all of which you can make use of today. So, here they are; our top 3 deals!    50% off Tiny Rebel Cwtch    Tiny Rebel Cwtch ..
5 drinks that scream summer
Whether you are throwing a summer bash or simply wish for a refreshing tipple in the garden, seasonal drinks will no doubt be on your radar. This is why as summer encroaches, we at DrinksShop.Co.Uk add some amazing drinks to our stock list, ensuring our much-valued customers have the pick of a great bunch. So, if you are looking for the best drinks to sit back and bask in the sun with, take some inspiration from the below.     Cold beer -  It goes without saying that nothing beats a good old-fashioned cold beer, being synonymous with refreshment. With summer seeing b..
Can alcohol reduce the risk of prostate cancer?
Over the years alcohol has been connected to various health issues. However, in recent times, scientists have actually connected the consumption of alcohol to disease and illness prevention. From hayfever to heart disease, many say the odd G&T is just as good for you as your five a day!    According to a recent research project, consuming a moderate amount of alcohol could also reduce the risk of prostate cancer; something that effects 1 in 7 men.      Red wine over white wine     But, this is not a green light to..
5 things you may not know about Rosé wine  
When it comes to fine wine, Rosé is very much an afterthought, having the lowest sales numbers in the UK; but why? Well, according to many critics and people 'in the know', this is because people are far less educated on Rosé wine than they are red or white. So, here at Drinksshop, we thought we would debunk a few wine myths; ones that show Rosé in its true light.   Rosé can age   From various research projects, we have found that people regarded Rosé as a lower-quality wine; mainly due to the fact that it didn’t age. Whilst a common..
Surrey vinyard launches 'Royal Wedding Wine'
The world and his wife are awaiting next month's royal wedding; a celebration that will see Prince Harry wed American actress, Meghan Markle. Set to be one of the most extravagant royal weddings of our time, the do is expected to reign supreme; especially when it comes to food and drink.  Juts this week, a 'royal wedding wine' has been launched; a drink that promises heaps of depth and punchy flavours. Created by Greyfriars, the white wine is a limited edition drink that the Surrey-based wine-makers have named - Cuvée Royal. Created in their vineyard in Surrey, Greyfriars are hi..
Top reasons people buy beer kegs
In recent years, prolific events such as birthdays and weddings have become a lot less pretentious, with people requesting a humble beer over an extravagant, umbrella-adorned cocktail. As a result, beer keg sales have increased, with people wanting to enjoy great beer in large groups. Thrilled to see more and more of our customers interested in beer, we below share the top reasons our customers are investing in kegs.   House parties  In the current climate, families and friendship groups are tightening their belts, opting to get together at home rather than venture o..
Lanson win award for musical champagne box 
  Lanson, one of the UK's most regularly-consumed champagnes, has this week won an award. Credited for its innovative new product, Lanson romped home with the title of Best New Product Packaging category at the DFNI Global Awards in London.   The award was for the company's musical champagne gift box; a champagne box that doubled up as a speaker. Made for all three of the brand's labels; White, Black and Rosé, these music boxes are made of metal and have a built-in slot for your iPhone. Beating new packaging innovations from Toblerone, Johnnie Walker Blue Label a..
Low alcohol drinks: The biggest bar request  
As a society, we are becoming more and more health conscious, cutting back on things like fast food, sugar and alcohol. Impacting bar orders, we are seeing more and more customers order low or zero alcohol drinks. And it seems like we are not the only ones witnessing this trend, having seen various bars report an increase in low-booze requests across the country.  With sales of low and non-alcohol drink sales rising by 20% this year and various 'small beer' breweries popping up across London, we at DrinksShop.co.uk wanted to learn more; digging deeper into what are the reasons behind t..
Royal Wedding to have its own craft beer 
From Airbnb seeing over a 1000% increase in interest in Windor properties to an influx of tourists booked on flights to Britain next month; the Royal Wedding is proving to be pretty great for the British economy. This week, we at DrinksShop learnt of a new craft beer, one that will be launched in time for and for the purpose of the Royal Wedding.  Created by Windsor and Eton, the official beer of the Royal Wedding is said to be pretty spectacular, reimagining the Royal Beer from their limited edition range. With a mission to pay homage to both British culture and US tastes, the beer is..
Jay-Z to launch new champagne named after twins 
As you will know, here at DrinksShop.co.uk, we are slightly obsessed with celebrity drinks ventures, being a part of the industry that is just fascinating. From Khloe Kardashian bubbly and Backstreet boys Tequila to Branjelina red wine, we have seen it all! This week, serial entrepreneur, Jay-Z, made a move that suggested another stab at the drinks market. According to sources, the rapper is looking to trademark the phrase “Les Jumelles d’Armand de Brignac” or “the twins”; paying homage to his twin children, Sir and Rumi. Applied under his champagne brand, Jay-Z is expected to make some big bu..