Kegged wine: Yay or nay?

As you know, at DrinksShop, we love the weird and wonderful, especially when it comes to drinks products. This is why we were thrilled to learn of a new product sweeping the nation; kegged wine! While a trend that is still incredibly young, wine kegs are dividing us, with wine-lovers at logger heads over whether or not wine kegs are a good idea.  

The good  

There are many benefits to kegged wine, especially for bars! Below are just a few.  

  • You can buy wine in bulk – if running a busy bar, buying in bulk simply makes sense. With wine kegs coming in all sorts of sizes, kegs are convenient, cheap and very much on-trend.  
  • Reduced costs – Due to not using glass, few labels and lower filling costs, buying kegged wine is a lot cheaper than purchasing by the bottle.  
  • It’s eco-friendly – using less paper for labelling, less glass for storage and requiring smaller vehicles to transport, going for a keg is better the environment.  
  • You can keep wine from being oxidised – Rather than opening a bottle here and there to get a glass out of each, buying a keg will see your wine kept in one place and sealed. This will ensure it stays fresh and enjoyable.  

The bad  

So, it does appear that there are a few that oppose the idea of kegged wine. Below are a some concerns.  

  • Cost of equipment – Being a new drinks phenomenon, the equipment needed to serve wine from a keg is pretty expensive. However, in time, more manufacturers are likely to launch products, meaning they will have no choice but to become more competitive.  
  • Limited selection – again, due to its new nature kegged wines are not readily available as bottled wine is.  

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