National Rum Day: Rum cocktails 101

With this week giving us National Rum Day, we at DrinkShop.Co.Uk thought it was fitting to explore one of our favourite spirits; rum. As one of the most-consumed spirits on the UK, rum is versatile, on-trend and can be serviced will all types of world foods.

If you are looking to mark this wonderful day with wonderful drinks, below are a few rum-based drinks to indulge in.


Mojitos are one of the most enjoyed cocktails of all. Laced with white rum, Mojitos come in all sorts of forms.

The basis of a Mojito is muddled mint, white rum, lime and ice, topped up with soda water. But, for a more innovative take on the Cuban drink, you can inject a touch of additional flavour. Popular options include:

  • Raspberry mojito
  • Peach mojito
  • Pink grapefruit mojito
  • Basil lychee mojito
  • Blueberry mojito
  • Frosty coconut mojitos
  • Pomegranate mojito cocktail
  • Tequila mojito
  • Strawberry rhubarb mojito

Spiced rum

Spiced rum has become very popular of late, employing a fruity tone that is truly desirable. But, ‘what are the best ways to enjoy this spirit?’ I hear you ask. Well, below are just a few ideas:

  • In a highball with lots of ice and full fat Cola
  • Straight in a tumbler with one ice cube
  • With cranberry juice and crushed ice
  • With pineapple juice and ginger
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If you are throwing a party or just looking for some nice tipples for the house, explore our range of wonderful drinks on sale on DrinksShop.Co.Uk.