About Us

There are many situations in which a few bottles of your favourite beverage will be a welcome addition – maybe a family gathering, maybe the occasional relaxing night in – or maybe you’re simply watching the game on TV. In these situations and many more, DrinksShop.co.uk is here for you, allowing you to quickly and easily order your beverages for any function, planned or otherwise. Being based in the UK we can have many of your drinks delivered within just a couple of days, allowing you a worry-free experience when it comes to your drinks delivery.

We can provide you with a large and varied number of drinks allowing for your individual needs – whether they be everyday events or something life-changing. This large selection allows us to quickly provide an enormous amount of you with the drinks of your choice, leaving you with ample time and options – enough to ensure that all persons involved in the event will be comfortable with the drinks they have available. The selection of drinks available is huge, involving spirits, cocktail mixers, wine, and other drinks including non-alcoholic drinks such as Lemonade and Cola, et cetera.


Hiring our services will be one step towards a hassle-free, happy and organised event helped along by the high quality of goods that we have to offer – allowing you to lead the way to a thoroughly enjoyable situation.

With DrinksShop.co.uk you can exploit the maximum potential of the event and ensure an extremely high quality of time spent – whether it be a wedding reception, a house warming, or some sort of celebratory event. Our location within the UK ensures low prices and fast delivery, ensuring that our delivery is not an inconvenience to you, and does not interfere with your plans at the time. We can also deliver it to the address of the event, meaning that you don’t have to worry about delivering to the event yourself, including means of transport, fuel and carrying the products.

Included in our product range is our Perfect Draft Beer Kegs, which are a great touch for slightly larger parties and events – especially good if you are using a bar – these small, easily portable kegs allow for a perfectly pulled beer with an enriched taste. In order to use these kegs, all you need is our Perfect Draft Machine, which you can either buy or rent by contacting us.

 An alternative option to our Perfect Draft Machine is our newly introduced 5 Litre Mini Beer Keg Range which includes an easy dispensing method along with the kegs, making them the perfect gift for any of your beer-loving friends and family. This range can be found in our Beers section.


If you wish to purchase any of our services or products, please visit the shop.