Partner Program

DrinksShop are proud to announce our brand new Parter Program, launching Summer 2020. 

What is the Partner Program?

Since starting out in 2017, we have noticed a huge increase in the emergence of micro-breweries and home brewers. However, these small breweries often find it hard to get started online and build up a large client base so we want to work with you to get you online


How does it work?

We can all list products on big websites but often our profits are crippled by having to pay huge fees per sale and paying membership fees to list or even be previewed. So we would like to sell your products on Drinks Shop for you.

We handle customers, you handle production.


Through our site, you will be able to sell your products while we market them through our social media channels and connections in mainstream media. That is not all, we will also handle packaging for you, providing you with our easy to pack kegs and shipping materials.

How are we eco-friendly

We want to care for our environment as much as possible and because of this we are going to introduce our easy-to-reuse 5L Kegs. Once you have sold your kegs to a customer, they will have the option to send us their keg back in order to get a discount on their next order. Therefore, between us, we are cleaning and steriliing the kegs and they will be used again on future orders, making our entire process more sustainable and limiting our negative-effect on the environment