Perfect Draft Beer Kegs

Philips Perfect Draft machines and kegs are extremely difficult to come by in the UK – that is why we here at are proud to offer both Perfect Draft machines and kegs from our UK based depot to the UK market. The Perfect Draft gives you access to chilled draught beer in any venue including the home, a function hall, marquee or office building. The stylish Perfect Draft machine is no larger than a conventional microwave with a sophisticated liquid crystal display letting you know exactly what is happening inside of the unit such as temperature of your beer etc. The Perfect Draft machine has an inbuilt cooler and has no need for gas as the mini beer kegs come already pressurised.

Each mini Perfect Draft keg from consists of around 10 pints of your favourite beer. We can currently supply you with a variety of tastes to suit any beer advocate including; Pilsners – Becks Original, Stella Artois and Jupiler; Belgian Ales – Leffe Blonde; Wheat Beers – Hoegaarden. The small volume of each keg reduces waste compared to a pub sized 11 gallon aluminium keg. Looking for a discount? Send a minimum of 3 empty kegs back to us here at and receive 10% off your next order of kegs!


Beck’s Perfect Draft 6L Keg

£31.95 £26.63

Jupiler Perfect Draft 6L Keg

£35.99 £29.99

Stella Artois Perfect Draft 6L Keg

£34.95 £29.13