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Stella Artois Perfect Draft 6L Keg

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Product Description

*For use with the Philips Perfect Draft Machine.

Originally sold as a Christmas seasonal beer in Canada, this Belgian lager proved its worth and is now one of the world best selling beers.

Each year the annual sale of Stella Artois sees volumes of up to and exceeding 1 billion litres leaving their breweries throughout the world. Stella consists of just 4 ingredients (hops, malted barley, maize and water). This is why Stella Artois is a favourite of Perfect Draft lovers the world over.

Marketed as French but actually from Leuven, Belgium, Stella Artois exudes class and sophistication. This is through its bold flavour and great design. Stella Artois Perfect Draft kegs are small and lightweight ensuring an easily portable experience for your draught beer adventures. With an ABV of 5%, Stella Artois Perfect Draught kegs are perfect with a variety of food pairings. In addition, they’re perfect for relaxing evenings after a hard days work or a visit from family and friends.

Stella Artois Perfect Draft is best served in its iconic chalice glass. Although you may think it is just for looks, the glassware ensures the correct liquid alchemy. Ultimately this leads to a perfect balance between beer and foamy head. By holding the stem of the glass, you can also keep your chilled pint of Perfect draught cool for 33% longer.

Each keg contains six (6) litres of beverage.

4 reviews for Stella Artois Perfect Draft 6L Keg

  1. James Dunn

    Being huge fan of ice cold beer i purchased this from drinks shop absolutely love this product will most definitely order this product again very happy with service.

  2. Andy Dunn

    I bought the drinks machine which I was struggling to get the small kegs for, I managed to find drinks shop on line put my order through and got the kegs delivered within two days. Absolutely fantastic product works really well with my machine.

  3. Steve H

    I ordered the Stella few days ago and asked for Tuesday am delivery, I was very pleased when this arrived just before 10 am thank you so much.

  4. Ian

    I got this delivered last night love it thank you for my express delivery.

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