Birra Moretti Keg 8L - For Blade Machine

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    Designed for use at home or within a commercial environment, this easy to use machine and kegs operate as good as a standard beer tap with a pub or bar.

    The blade is a revolutionary professional beer draught system. Blade's small footprint and innovative compression system that doesn't require CO2 or other gasses allowing you to serve premium draught beer from any countertop.

    Kegs available for the Blade Machine are: Heineken Zero, Heineken, Tiger and Birra Moretti. 

    Ideal for home or commercial use, this is a great draught beer solution for any environment!

    What is the size of the keg? 8 Litres

    What is the ABV (alcohol by volume) of the lager? 4.6% abv

    What is the shelf life of the keg? Once opened the keg should last for approx 30 days if kept within the correct cool temperature.

    Where is it brewed? Brewed in the UK by Heineken

    PLEASE NOTE: These kegs can only be used with the Heineken Blade Machine.