The SUB - Heineken Edition

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The SUB in the Heineken Edition is a classy look for any countertop, perfect for a party, wedding, gathering or the perfect present at any time of year for a beer lover!

THE SUB is Heineken's answer to wanting a premium home draught system. It allows you to pour and enjoy the perfect pint, every time, from home. TORPS are two-litre beer kegs, manufactured by Heineken, with a huge range of beers from around the globe. The TORPS will keep your beer cold for up to 15 days from the first time it's used.



Chills to 2°C (fridge cold is 6°C)

Black lacquer casing

Dimensions 455 x 235 x 335mm

Weight 6.8kg

2-litre TORP capacity

2-year warranty


A+ Energy rating - 10 watt in a 'steady-state'

Noise Level 25DB

Recyclable materials


Body: Black lacquer plastic casing

Drip tray: Black plastic

Tap handle: Plastic


Drip tray

0.9m power cable