Quick And Easy Ways To Chill Your Drinks This Summer

There’s nothing more irritating in the hot weather than arriving home at the end of a working day to find your beer or wine is warm. But chill out because keeping your drinks cool in the summer heat has just got a whole lot easier thanks to our team at Drinks Shop. We’ve put together some of the top ways you could cool the drinks you purchase from us as soon as they get delivered, making each sip taste fresher and even more delicious.


Paper towels

If you don’t have time for the amount of pre-chilling needed to cool drinks, try wrapping your drinks in wet paper towels. This is a quick, easy and cheap way to cool your drinks down instantly. Just simply wrap the bottle in the towels for roughly 15 minutes and then enjoy your chilled drink. Another way is to just put the drink into the freezer for 15 minutes, which is again a quick and easy way to chill your drink.


The Corkcircle

The Corkcircle is a simple gadget to use in order to both chill and aerate red and white wines. Keep the gadget in the freezer and then simply place into any bottle in order to chill the drink of your choice. You can also keep this wherever you want, avoiding those trips back and forward to the fridge.

Tin Foil

This tip is best used for when the drinks are already chilled to your liking. Instead of working its magic to chill the drink, it just simply keeps the drink chilled for longer than the sun will allow. The foil will stop the heat to transfer from the surroundings to the drink, which allows the temperate to keep consistently cool for your enjoyment.


Frozen grapes

Whilst many people often add frozen ice cubes to their drink to keep it chilled, it often just leaves it diluted as the cubes melt. So, have you thought about using frozen grapes instead? The grapes will definitely work to cool down your beverage, and also be a deliciously tasty snack once you’ve finished your tipple.


If you wish to purchase any of our drinks be sure to contact us today to make an order. Additionally for more news and tips with regards to beverages, take a look through our news page!