Stella launch 20-minute meditation to beer

In a plea to encourage more people to savour a beer rather than ‘neck’ it, Stella Artois has released a 20-minite meditation; a guide that teaches you how to drink and enjoy the humble pint properly.

Renowned for their innovative marketing campaign, it appears Stellar has yet again impressed with the launch of this voice piece. Narrated by popular actor, Luke Evans, his narration of drinking beer is comedic if nothing else.

“Whether I’m traveling for work, on set for a new film, or dining with friends it’s so important for me to be able to focus completely on the moment,” says Luke Evans.

“And one of my favourite ways to connect with friends and family is over a cold beer, which is why I think Stellaspace is brilliant – it provides a fun way to remind people to be present, make the most of their time and of course enjoy a Stella Artois while doing so.”

Claiming the perfect pint to be drank in twelve sips, we cannot help but have a giggle here at Drinks Shop. Evidently mimicking the popular app, Headspace, the clip dramatizes the process of drinking a pint, taking us on a perfect sensory journey of beer fulfilment. They’ve actually called it Stellspace!

“Stellaspace was designed to help people rethink how they enjoy a Stella Artois,” said Harry Lewis, vice president, Stella Artois.

“People today live busy, hectic lives and our mission is to help bring more enjoyment to the limited time they do have – because we believe that everything can be made a little better with a great beer and great friends.”

But beer here!

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